Slättö is a private equity real estate investor with a Nordic focus. We seek to deliver consistent market-leading returns for our investors through thematic strategies, local expertise, clear values and a committed team. The Slättö funds collectively manages assets of EUR 2.2bn. Since inception in 2013, the firm has executed +200 transactions with a total value of EUR + 3.5bn. With a forward-looking approach, we prioritise sustainability as key to the long-term success of our investments.

More than 80% of Slättö’s transactions have been sourced off market. We find opportunities using our strong segment knowledge, through our wide network among property owners and industry players, and with our successful track record establishing partnerships.

As a young partner-owned firm, our team of partners and employees are invested in Slättö’s long-term success. This shared ownership ensures that we are all working towards the same goal.

We are creative in finding solutions and managing complex projects with high potential for value creation. This entrepreneurial approach attracts and retains top talent. Our team includes in-house expertise across the entire real estate value chain, allowing us to source investment opportunities and execute on business plans.

Investors choose Slättö because we deliver attractive returns, while investing sustainably. This is the result of our value-driven culture, talent and strong network. Our ambition is always to be the best at what we do, outperforming our peers over time.


To be the most respected investor within our chosen strategies. 


  • Commitment:we take initiative and deliver results
  • Entrepreneurship:we create opportunities
  • Responsibility:we are reliable
  • Transparency:we are transparent and value integrity

Our investment strategy

Our investment strategy is thematic, meaning we continuously adapt to ever-changing market environments.

We do a deep-dive into market conditions at least twice a year, which results in the Slättö House View. We evaluate market trends, macroeconomic conditions and sustainability development indicators. Using a wide range of real-time industry information, our team assesses market opportunities across real estate segments, updates its investment outlook rapidly and can act on the most interesting investment opportunities. This flexible, data-driven investment approach allows Slättö to create value and drive consistently attractive returns.

Sustainability is an inherent part of our investment strategy, and we believe it goes hand-in-hand with achieving superior returns for investors. We have measured the climate impact of our portfolio and are taking actions to reduce the energy consumption of our buildings, as well as the embodied carbon in all new project development. This increases the long-term value of our portfolio and is part of our efforts to reach Net Zero by 2040.

Our track record

  • 2013

    Slättö is founded in 2013 by Johan Karlsson with a mission to establish a strong foothold in the real estate industry. As a one-man band, he launches the first fund, Slättö I, focusing on residential development in Stockholm, Sweden.

    Number of employees: 1

  • 2014

    Slättö hires its first employee and launches its second fund, Slättö II, with a focus on a single office conversion.

    Number of employees: 2

  • 2015

    The third fund, Slättö III, is launched and the Ehrnrooth Family becomes the first non-Swedish investor.

    Slättö has now acquired more than 100,000 square meters of real estate since inception.

    Number of employees: 3

  • 2016

    The fourth fund is launched, Slättö IV, and Slättö obtains permission from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority to manage alternative investment funds.

    Number of employees: 10

  • 2017

    The fifth fund, Slättö SPV, is launched. Since inception, more than 50 real estate deals have been made and the total transaction value exceeds SEK 10 bn.

    Evolv, a joint venture for logistics and light industrial investments, is launched and acquires its first property in Stockholm, Sweden.

    Number of employees: 18

  • 2018

    Slättö launches its sixth fund, Slättö Value Add I, the first fund with a multi-strategy focus.

    The fund includes the first project to receive environmental certification.

    Number of employees: 24

  • 2019

    The seventh fund, Slättö Core+, is launched.

    Slättö attracts the first investor to make investment commitments of at least SEK 250 m in Slättö funds. Total transaction value since inception exceeds SEK 20 bn.

    Number of employees: 27

  • 2020

    Slättö becomes signatory of UN Global Compact and a board of Industrial Advisors is established. 

    Since inception, more than 100 real estate deals have been made. 

    Number of employees: 35

  • 2021

    The first acquisitions outside Sweden are made near Vantaa in Helsinki, Finland. 

    Evolv is acquired and incorporated into the Slättö group as its logistics and light industrial team. 

    Slättö becomes signatory of UN PRI.

    Number of employees: 38

  • 2022

    The first close is held for the eighth fund, Slättö Value Add II.

    The first person is recruited for the Hotel team and a new office is established in Helsinki.

    Number of employees: 56

  • 2023

    Since inception, more than 200 real estate deals have been made.

    Number of employees: 57