Where opportunities arise, we have made strategic investments in segments that provided high value. These have included special situations that require quick execution, hotel properties with a focus on select-service development, extended-stay and co-living.

What we do

Quick movers in special situations

In the current market environment, special opportunities will emerge in Slättö’s prioritised segments. The firm has experience and is well suited to review and act on these opportunities.

In 2019, Slättö acquired one of two properties in the Norra Tornen development, an architectural landmark in Stockholm’s city centre. Our in-house expertise and reputation as a trustworthy and fast-moving actor enabled Slättö to enter swiftly as a capital partner with a distressed seller. The deal, which was structured to allow for high investment returns with limited risk, demonstrates Slättö’s capacity to execute on special situations.

Capturing opportunities in the Nordic hospitality segment

Slättö analyses all themes within hospitality and selects those that present significant opportunities for investment due to favourable market trends. We have identified two interesting themes in the Nordic hospitality segment. One is apartment-hotel and long-stay properties with high design standards and technology-driven operations. The other is functional, newly produced hotels that offer customers great value with high quality and design in high-demand locations. Both themes are driven by increased co-living trends due to people travelling for work and pleasure.

Through these insights, Slättö is sourcing and scaling up the most attractive investments with the aim of creating institutional hospitality portfolios in major cities and regional markets, in the Nordics and beyond.