We focus primarily on rental apartments, investing in projects at various stages of development and generating value through our in-house capacity across all stages of the value chain.

The historically strong population growth of the Nordics is expected to continue at 5 percentage points above the EU average until 2035, with Sweden, Denmark and Norway included in the 17 countries predicted to be over 90% urban by 2050. This urbanisation trend concentrates talent and innovation in knowledge-hub cities, driving up housing demand while construction is slowed down due to decreased investment and increased construction costs. The demand-supply gap is widening as a result, presenting a strong investment opportunity in the residential market.

What we do

For-rent multifamily housing in growing cities

Slättö has a strong track record of developing residential assets. For example, Slättö and Sveaviken Bostad are co-developing over 1,300 energy efficient, high quality affordable residential apartments, with new construction planned in regional growth areas such as Helsingborg, Nyköping and the Stockholm area.

With our in-house expertise across the value chain, we can act on everything from transaction management to project implementation. Through this proficiency in modular development, we achieve building times up to twice as fast as conventional construction.

Demand for modern rental housing is expected to remain high due to growing urban populations and an existing housing shortage.

  • Countries: Sweden, Finland
  • Apartments developed since 2013 and in production:8,000+
  • Number of managed assets in residential portfolio:18
  • Residential property acquired since 2013:700,000+ sqm

Portfolio examples

  • Multifamily residential:

    Development with Sveaviken Bostad 

    A cooperation for the development of residential properties in the Nordics. The properties will be built using modular building processes to ensure an efficient construction process that has high predictability and quality. The portfolio will be environmentally certified and includes projects located in Greater Stockholm and fast-growing regional cities in Sweden. This development is part of Slättö Value Add II.

  • Peab project in Vanda Tikkurila

    Multifamily residential:

    Development in Finland

    A cooperation with Peab to develop environmentally certified residential apartments in Finland (Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Turku). This development is part of Slättö Core+.

  • VAI Strömbrytaren

    Multifamily residential:

    Urban development in Norrköping

    Strömbrytaren is a cooperation with PEAB to transform a brown industrial area into a green residential district of the city with public-use and commercial properties. This development is part of Slättö Value Add I.

  • VAI Kvarter Bodil Skogängsvägen

    Multifamily residential:

    Bromstensstaden, Stockholm

    A cooperation with Fastpartner to transform an industrial area next to Spånga commuter train station into a residential area, incorporating high sustainability standards with environmental certifications. This development is part of Slättö Value Add I.


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