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About Slättö

Since its inception, Slättö’s activities have been based on a simple maxim: to combine extensive knowledge with an unshakeable commitment to our investments. We understand and care about the assets we develop and manage.

We create and manage people’s homes and environments where they work or visit – an undertaking that comes with great responsibility. We have a proven track record in identifying and enhancing development potential in existing properties and in previously untapped areas. Together, we create more attractive environments for our customers and for society as a whole.

Our highly competent and entrepreneurial team has extensive experience of transactions, management, project development, and financing. Financial and social sustainability are key considerations of ours. We want our customers to be satisfied. We want our employees to be proud. And we want our investors to feel secure.

Over time, Slättö’s ambition is to grow in its existing and new investment areas. Our vision is to become the most respected investor in our chosen strategies.

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Kungsgatan 66, Uppsala


Senapsfabriken is in the Kungsängen area, in the south of Uppsala, which is currently undergoing a transformation from being an industrial district into an attractive residential area. Slättö’s involvement in the project includes 318 one- to four-room rental apartments, ranging from 28 to 82 sqm in surface area.
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