Community Development

Community Development

We want to be a part of and contribute to a better society

We at Slättö want to contribute to a better society and are happy to take leadership in issues where we can influence. We are continuously working to fulfill that promise, including as active members of the Sweden Green Building Council, a non-profit organization for green building that works to develop and influence the environmental and sustainability work in the industry.

We are dedicated and proud sponsors to the World Childhood Foundation, ECPAT, the Sea Rescue Society and to a number of local sports associations.


Slättö supports


World Childhood Foundation

Childhood primarily works with those groups that are most at risk of being subjected to violence and sexual abuse. These include children who live on the street, children who have already been subjected to violence and abuse, children who cannot live with their parents or who live in a family where the parents do not have the energy to be what their children need most - safe adults.

Safe Kids new logo website

Safe Kids

Today, about 500 children in Sweden live with a parent who has an addiction and / or mental illness. Safe Kids is a non-profit children's rights organization whose purpose is to support these children with the goal that no child should feel alone and that all children should have the right to a safe home.



ECPAT works to stop sexual abuse of children before they are committed, for every child's right not to be exploited in sex trafficking. By preventive work, we are fighting against the demand and profitability that drives the trade with children going forward.



Lifeboat has 71 rescue stations and more than 260 lifeboats along the country's coasts and in our largest lakes. 2 volunteer lifeguards are ready to pull out, around the clock, all year round.