Board of Directors

The Board's responsibility

The Board's responsibility

The Board is responsible for ensuring that the organization and management of the Company's affairs as well as the Company's governance, risk management and control are in accordance with the provisions of ABL, other applicable laws and regulations and the Articles of Association.

The Board consists of Stefan Glevén (Chairman of the Board), Ulrika Danielsson (Board member), Georg Ehrnrooth (Board member), Ann Grevelius (Board member), Jan Litborn (Board member) and Magnus Meyer (Board member). Ulrika Danielsson, Ann Grevelius, Jan Litborn and Magnus Meyer are to be regarded as independent board members as neither Ulrika Danielsson, Ann Grevelius, Jan Litborn nor Magnus Meyer have an ownership in the Company and are not employees of the Company or the Group. Four out of six members are thus independent.

General information about the composition of the Board of Directors

When composing the Board of Directors, Slättö has carefully considered which combination of insights, experience and competence provides the best conditions for running the business. Insights and experience refers to theoretical knowledge, practical experience from various business areas and practical experience of management. The considerations have been based on the entire composition of the Board and Slättö's view is that each individual member does not need to have specific theoretical knowledge or experience but that a total competence needs to be represented on the Board. This ensures a sufficiently broad and sufficiently deep competence.

The selection and assessment of each board member's competence has been based on documented specific knowledge and practical experience as well as personality.

The expertise that the Company considers, among other things, that the Board of Directors should possess is:

  • experience regarding the current business,
  • management,
  • risk management and compliance, as well
  • management and development of investment strategies.

The company believes that a board of directors with at least three independent board members provides good conditions for the board to ensure that investors' interests are safeguarded.

The work of the Board

The Board of Directors shall adopt a strategy and a business objective that shall apply to the Company's operations. In addition, the Board shall verify that the strategy and the business objective are followed. The Board of Directors shall primarily decide on matters which, in view of the scope and nature of the Company's operations, are of an unusual or of significant importance. Significant changes concerning the Company's operations and organization shall be decided by the Board of Directors. The Board must also have a supervisory role.

The members of the Board shall, with the restrictions that follow from ABL and this Rules of Procedure, perform the work of the Board jointly or by a committee or a specially appointed member if tasks have been delegated to the committee or the member.

The Board is responsible for ensuring that the Company's operations are conducted in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and the Articles of Association to the extent that it regulates any obligations for the Company and to refer questions relating to changes in the Company's business objectives or scope to the Annual General Meeting.

It is in particular for the Board of Directors to:

Decide on the Company's overall organization, appoint and vacate the CEO and deputy CEO, ensure that the Company's organization is designed so that accounting, asset management and the company's financial conditions are otherwise controlled in a satisfactory manner and that the Company's organizational structure ensures fair treatment of investors, ongoing assess the Company's financial situation, ensure that the Company's financial reports are prepared and published in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, approve the Company's financial forecast and regularly follow up the forecast, and every year after the annual general meeting and at the regular board meeting, review and, if necessary, update the work instructions for President and other corporate law bodies established by the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors


Stefan Glevén


Stefan has a background as a senior partner at EQT where he worked for 15 years, including as Head of Nordics and Head of North America at EQT Infrastructure.

Ulrika Danielsson

Ulrika Danielsson


Ulrika Danielsson has 20 years of experience from Castellum and has been CFO since 2014. Prior to that, he was CFO and has been a member of Group Management since 2006. Is also IR manager and responsible for IT & Innovation and Risk Management at Castellum. Board member and chairman of the audit committee in Alligator Bioscience and John Mattson Fastighetsföretagen AB. Member of Fastighetsägarnas Sveriges Redovisningsgrupp and been involved in EPRA (European Public Real Estate Association)'s Reporting & Accounting Committee during 2006-2013.

Ulrika Danielsson is independent in relation to the company, company management and to major shareholders.

Ulrika is a trained business economist at the University of Gothenburg.

Georg Ehrnrooth

Georg Ehrnrooth


Georg Ehrnrooth is chairman of the board of eQ Plc and of the indirectly owned investment companies Geveles Plc, Topsin Investments SA, Fennogens Investments SA and Corbis SA The investment companies are active owners of listed and unlisted companies such as eQ Group Plc and Caverion Plc. Georg is also a board member of Sampo plc, Paavo Nurmi Foundation, Anders Wall Foundation and chairman of the Louise and Göran Ehrnrooth Foundation.

Georg Ehrnrooth is dependent on the company, company management and major shareholders

Georg Ehrnrooth is a trained Agrologist.


Ann Grevelius


Ann Grevelius has 24 years of experience in the banking and finance sector. Ann is now active in Fintech and serves on the Board of the Foundation for Strategic Research, Carneo AB, Halvarsson and Halvarsson Group, Nasdaq's Corporate Committee, TP European Growth, Open Payments Europé AB and PregLife AB.

Ann Grevelius is independent in relation to the company, company management and to major shareholders.

Ann is a trained business economist at Uppsala University.


Jan Litborn


Jan Litborn specializes in M&A, corporate and securities law. Jan has many years of experience in transactions in the real estate, retail and life science industries. Jan also has long and meritorious experience of board assignments and corporate governance issues both in listed companies and in owner-managed companies.

He has since the beginning of the 90s held qualified assignments in the real estate, banking and finance sectors.

Jan Litborn is independent in relation to the company, company management and to major shareholders.

Jan holds a law degree from Stockholm University.

Magnus Meyer

Magnus Meyer


Magnus Meyer is the CEO of WSP Europe. Magnus was previously CEO of Tengbomgruppen and has held leading positions within GE Real Estate and Ljungberggruppen. Magnus is a board member of Vasakronan, HiQ and Kinnarps and has previously held a number of board assignments in Kungsleden, Aberdeen Asset Management and Hemsö, among others.

Magnus Meyer is independent in relation to the company, company management and to major shareholders.

Magnus is a trained civil engineer and holds a technology licentiate degree.


Ernst & Young audit firm

The auditing company Ernst & Young with Mikael Ikonen as responsible auditor is the company's external auditor. The auditor examines, among other things, the accounts on which the annual report of the Funds is based.

Auditor Slättö