Vision & Business Page


Leading in the real estate area

Slättö's vision is to be a leading investor in the real estate area. We achieve our vision over time through analysis and knowledge, a genuine passion for our properties and through a great commitment to our work.


Business Concept

Value for society and for our customers investors and tenants

Slättö's main business area is to manage alternative investment funds. We create value for society and for our customers - investors and tenants - by refining existing properties and by developing new projects.

Competitiveness is derived from our expertise throughout the value chain; from developing raw land to managing turnkey homes, workplaces and meeting places. We work in close contact with municipalities, property managers, project developers, tenants, banks and authorities, which means that we can develop our properties in the best way. Through a local perspective and anchoring, the properties meet the customers' requirements while at the same time contributing to the development of the local community.


Attractive and sustainable properties

Slättö's mission is to make a positive contribution to the development of society by developing and managing sustainable properties that our customers find attractive and which our employees feel proud of.