Our values

Our values

Responsibility, Commitment and Sustainability

Slättö's value base is based on our three value words; Responsibility, Commitment and Sustainability.

We are faced with various challenges and considerations where neither instructions nor complete guidance are available. As a support in such situations, there is a common core value that all employees are expected to both stand on and stand up for.

Slättö's value base should promote initiative and create a sense of security in all employees to dare to make decisions.







The name Slättö

Plain history

The name Slättö is taken from the old ferry camp at Södra Finnö in the St. Anna archipelago. The place symbolizes for us safety and simplicity, but also ambition, long-term vision and what can be achieved with visions.

In Slättö, during the 1950s, foreman Harry Karlsson built a small country site in a wild and difficult-to-reach place with leftover waste wood from the construction sites in Norrköping. Two generations later, the family continues to manage that property through children and grandchildren.

We think it is a nice story that illustrates the values ​​that we at Slättö cherish, want to take responsibility for and are happy to be associated with.