Rules of Consideration

Rules of Consideration

Well-being rules to adhere to - For everyone's sake

Window boxes

For safety reasons, balcony drawers should be installed on the inside of the balcony railing.


Farms and walkways in our residential area are not intended for car traffic. It should be quiet and safe for residents. Ambulance and fire brigades must be able to move freely. Exceptions are made when moving in and out, as it is permissible to drive for transport of heavier and bulky objects. Parking may only be done at designated locations. Do not wash the car in the street or yard outside your house, it will disturb the surrounding dwelling and destroy the nature.

Contact your manager if you would like to rent a parking space or garage.

Smoke alarms

It is the property owner's responsibility to ensure that all apartments are equipped with a working fire alarm. Thereafter, it is the tenant / resident who is responsible for its functioning. If you do not have a working fire alarm or you do not have to contact Felanmälan.


You place your bike in one of the bike places that are located outside the yard. There are also designated spaces for bicycle storage, in which case the bicycle is also in a locked and dry space.


For fire safety, barbecue is not allowed on the balcony. Grilling should be done on the farm in devices intended for just grilling. Clean after you when grilling clear and do not throw glowing charcoal as there is a risk of fire.

Home insurance

The person responsible for the lease is always responsible for what happens in and around the apartment. You must take out home insurance for your apartment yourself.


You as tenant are responsible for any pets. This includes, among other things, ensuring that the pet does not disturb the environment, contaminate or break in connection with entrances, stairwells, playgrounds or the like. Pets must be connected outdoors within the property and the residential area in general. Domestic cat, dog and small animals are allowed. You may not have a cat.


With the calm of the evening, everyday sounds can become clear and disturbing. Regardless of the time of day, you do not have the right to play music, nail or make other noise so loud that others are disturbed. Show extra consideration between 22.00 and 08.00.

You should inform your neighbors well in advance of the party. Also, be attentive about your neighbors in front of complaints during the party. If you experience a neighbor as disruptive, please firstly contact the person concerned. If this feels uncomfortable, you can turn to Error Reporting.

Order in public areas

Slättö Förvaltning is responsible for ordering and cleaning in entrances, stairwells and outdoors on our farms. Your participation is necessary for both well-being and safety. In the entrance or in stairwells, no objects may be stored as this entails great fire risk, makes evacuation difficult if it burns and prevents stair cleaning. Accessibility and fire safety always come first.

Satellite dishes

Satellite dishes may only be placed on the balcony, inside the balcony rack of your own apartment. Installation must not be done on the front of the property or in the balcony. This also applies to window and door frames. If in doubt, contact your manager before setting up your dish.


If you discover pests in your home, you are obliged to contact Felanmälan immediately. Pests can easily and quickly spread to other apartments in the property and become a major problem for many residents.


Dots and destruction must be reported to Error report.


As a tenant, you are obliged to follow the landlord's instructions regarding waste management. Scary garbage, such as furniture and larger packaging, you leave yourself to the municipality's recycling center. Waste that is left inside the property in violation of these regulations is disposed of at the tenant's expense.


Smoking is not allowed in your home, on the balcony or in public areas of the property such as stairwells, elevators, basements and laundry rooms. Smoking shall be done in our zones which are noted for this.