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Our development projects

Through our own expertise and extensive networks, we cover the entire value chain: from developing raw land to managing turnkey homes, workplaces and meeting places. We conduct our development projects in close collaboration with municipalities, authorities, project developers, banks and ultimately property managers and tenants. This enables us to optimise how we develop properties. Through local insights and support, we meet customer requirements while contributing to the long-term development of local communities.

You can learn more about some of our projects below.

Örnsro, Örebro

Örnsro Trästad

A new district is under development in central Örebro. A district where tradition meets architectural innovation, and a clear idea of how city life is enriched by integrating nature into the urban landscape.

An urban and integrated city park and district in beautiful surroundings, with space for people to get together, for daily activities and recreation.

This project is based on a land allocation competition that Slättö won, and in which an area of two sports fields will be transformed into a residential area for almost 200 apartments. Our ambition is to create a dynamic interaction between the built environment and the natural environment with a wide variety of public spaces and flows of people.

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Brunna, Upplands-Bro

A logistics project in Brunna

With the ambitions to create conditions for our tenants to manage logistics with efficiency and sutainibility in focus, an old asphalt warehouse in Brunna was acquired and is now being transformed into a modern logistics facility.

On the Upplands-Bro Viby 19:107 property, approximately 9,000 sqm of efficient logistics premises are being built in a building that is environmentally classified according to Miljöbyggnad Silver and is equipped with a large photovoltaic system.

The project started in Q2-2021 and is expected to be completed in Q3-2022.

Öster Mälarstrand, Västerås


From former commercial property and boathouses to one of Västerås’ most attractive areas, Kajstaden stands out both as one of Sweden’s tallest apartment blocks and for its unique design in solid wood.

A property that symbolises innovation and uniqueness – and one that combines architecture, quality, and design with sustainability.

The eight-storey residential building is clad with thermowood. Thermowood is a heat-treated facade material that offers a number of excellent properties, such as reduced cracking, improved insulation and fungal resistance. It also gives the property an aesthetically pleasing and distinctive identity.

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