How to rent from us

To rent with us

To rent from Slättö

How fun that you are interested in renting an apartment from us!

Below is a detailed explanation of how the hiring process goes - from submitted interest registration right up to signed lease.

See also the section Rental requirements.

This is how it works

  • Show interest

    To rent an apartment from us on Slättö you need to show us your interest.

    On the respective project page for the projects where the rental is in progress you can easily see which apartments are available via the link Choose your apartment. For all upcoming projects, you can easily fill out a declaration of interest to receive information on updates, but most importantly when the rental for the specific project starts.

    In other words, you can show us your interest by sending us a statement of interest, coming to one of our planned shows or booking a specific apartment through our project page at HomeQ.

    You can already create a profile at, even before the start of the rental HomeQ for faster handling of your application when the project is available for rent.

  • Statement of interest via the project page

    Slättö is building housing from the ground up, which also includes discussions with municipalities in the early stages. This means that you as a tenant may experience that it takes time before projects are ready for rental. Most construction projects take about three years once we start production. As soon as a construction project is available on our website you are welcome with your interest registration. You always fill out a declaration of interest on the page that shows the project for the property you are interested in.

    A declaration of interest is not binding, neither for you as a tenant nor for us as a property owner. However, a declaration of interest means that you will receive more information about the construction project you have reported interest in as soon as we approach the start of the rental.

    When we send information about rental start and impressions, we apply the “first come, first served” principle based on the interest reports we received.

  • For upcoming housing

    Before dropping out of our homes, Slättö may arrange open screenings. These are advertised with time and date on our website.

    In case you want to receive information about the next impression by e-mail, you can fill out an interest registration on the page that shows the project that you are interested in.

    During the viewing, it is important that you follow our instructions, since you are visiting a construction site. In most cases, we only show one apartment, but you will of course have the opportunity to access materials related to all apartments in the house and / or block.

    However, you do not need to have visited a screening to rent an apartment with us!

  • To apply for an apartment

    As the project approaches the start of the rental, the homes are linked to a project site via the rental system HomeQ. The landing page you meet with the button Choose your apartment shows all of the project's vacant apartments. This is where you apply for a specific apartment that suits your specific requirements.

    Slättö has no queuing system, so rented apartments are not available.

    When an apartment application is made, you can expect a response from the rental team in case your application has proceeded.

    Please note that this is an application and not a reservation, so several stakeholders can report interest in the same apartment. Slättö applies the "first come, first served" principle according to the order in which the applications have been received.

    Neither you as a tenant nor we as property owners commit to anything until we have signed a valid rental agreement for your desired home.

    If you have questions about the apartments that are on the project page, or about the current project in general, please feel free to contact us.

  • What happens after I make an application?

    We check that the apartment is available to you. Thereafter, a check of the employment certificate or income statement for the last 3 months is carried out and that you comply with our hiring policy. We will then contact you.

    The apartment is not reserved until a rental contract has been signed.

    Good luck!