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Rent your apartment from us!

A tenancy is a great option if you want to live flexibly and keep things simple.

We make sure that all our rental apartments are world-class. But we do more than that. In addition to modern living, we focus on ensuring that tenants have easy and continual access to high-quality services.

Over the years, we have developed a number of different properties, areas and tenancies. Read more about some of our completed and ongoing projects below.

Advantages of renting

There are many benefits of living in a rental apartment. Perhaps most importantly, monthly housing costs are predictable, and are unaffected by factors such as interest rate rises and fees.

Neither do you have to worry about breakages. Should, for example, the hob, fridge, or other appliance break down, the property owner is responsible to fix or replace these items.

Living in an apartment is not just about the property itself – it’s also about surroundings. We place great emphasis on creating an attractive environment with outdoor environments to thrive in. That’s why our property owners take care of green areas, plants, walkways, etc.

Your rent doesn’t only pay for your apartment – it also pays for everything around it. You do not have to think about maintenance work and repairs. Rather, you have more time for other, more interesting errands and activities. In short, living in a rental apartment is convenient.

Rental apartments at Slättö

We offer existing properties for rent and welcome expressions of interest in properties under development.

To take advantage of these tenancies, you can register your interest in individual projects. When registering your interest, you will receive updates with information about, among other things, viewings, important dates and other property-related information.