Fault report

Sustainability at Slättö

Slättö contributes positively to the development of society by developing, refining and managing sustainable properties with a limited impact on the climate and the Earth’s ecosystem. We create safe and healthy environments that motivate residents to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Integrated sustainability places high demands on us as a company. From concept development, through decision-making, project completion, active asset management and on to potential divestment – sustainability is an integral part of our entire value chain. Through our funds, we create communities and places for the future

We support the UN Global Compact

Slättö Förvaltning AB has signed the UN Global Compact. We believe that the 10 principles on human rights, working conditions, the environment and anti-corruption through responsible business are integral aspects of doing business. In 2021, we published our first progress report on these areas.

Slättös Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct are based on the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact.


Slättö Förvaltning AB is affiliated with UN Principles for Responsible Investment, (PRI), thereby committing us to integrating the six PRI and to annually report the results of our efforts in these areas.
  1. Slättö will incorporate ESG issues into investment analysis and decision-making processes.
  2. Slättö will be active owners and incorporate ESG issues into our ownership policies and practices
  3. Slättö will seek appropriate disclosure on ESG issues by the entities in which we invest.
  4. Slättö will promote acceptance and implementation of the Principles within the investment industry.
  5. Slättö will work together to enhance our effectiveness in implementing the Principles.
  6. Slättö will each report on our activities and progress towards implementing the Principles.