Slättö is committed to creating superior, long-term value for investors. The climate impact of real estate is a risk for long-term value creation, but also an opportunity if we, as Slättö, can drive decarbonisation. This is why climate is a key focus area for us.


Approximately 26% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the construction and operation of real estate. Emissions in construction are caused by the carbon embodied in materials used for new buildings, while emissions from the operation of real estate come from the energy needed to provide heat and electricity to buildings.

Reducing operational emissions is possible with improvements in energy efficiency, such as through better insulation and ventilation, and by increasing on-site renewable energy, through solar panels and geothermal energy.

Slättö actively works to minimise the carbon emissions of buildings while in use. We build energy-efficient assets with on-site renewable energy production. We also improve the energy efficiency of older assets and invest in solar panel installation. This is a win for the planet, but also for our tenants through lower energy costs, and for investors as we build portfolios that are attractive for the long term.

Slättö is also focused on reducing the climate impact of real estate construction. We have measured the impact of about a third of our construction projects and are integrating this into our ongoing investment activities.

Committed to Net Zero 2040 Science Based Targets

Slättö is committed to the goal of reaching Net Zero in 2040 as defined by the Science Based Targets initiative. Science Based Targets is the most widely recognised method for companies who want to set ambitious climate targets based on science. Its aim is to help businesses set targets that are in line with what is needed to reach the climate goal agreed to by governments around the world – limiting global temperature increases to well below 2°C and making efforts to keep it to 1.5°C.

Read more about the Science Based Targets initiative here.

How we create value

  • Solar cells mounted on a building's roof

    Satisfied tenants and value creation through green asset management

    Through our logistics and light industrial team Evolv, we invest in insulation, on-site solar panels, improved control and automation, and energy certification. Green leases set incentives for improved energy performance. By signing green leases, we agree with tenants on these investments and create value for them and our investors.

    • ~40% of leases are green in the logistics and light industrial portfolio.
    • 100% of leases signed since 2021 are green.
  • Budbee warehouse with solar panels

    Investing in energy improvements and scaling up on-site renewable energy

    Slättö invests in energy improvements and on-site renewable energy throughout its properties. This increases the long-term value of our portfolio by reducing operational costs and carbon emissions, while the tenants benefit from lower energy costs. It also contributes to society’s shift to net zero by freeing up electricity capacity for industries that are shifting from fossil fuels to renewable electricity.

    • Energy production from solar panels currently being installed in the logistics and light industrial portfolio amounts to 4,500 MWh, equivalent to the consumption of 450 single-family villas in Sweden per year.
  • Sourcing renewable electricity in all residential assets

    Slättö acted quickly in 2022 as energy prices started to rise. We established an agreement with the Nordic energy company, Fortum, whereby Slättö purchases renewable energy at more stable prices for us and our residential tenants.

    • 86% renewable electricity in the residential assets managed by Slättö.
  • Render image of a city block

    Geothermal energy in multi-family homes

    Geothermal energy emits less carbon and is the most efficient way to heat a building. This is why we always consider geothermal energy in our developments. We have managed to install it in 7 out of 9 projects in one cooperative portfolio, in addition to heat pump technology with district heating.

    As a result, the portfolio has an energy consumption that is almost half the requirement for new buildings in the Swedish Housing Authority’s Guidelines.

    • 10 development projects in Slättö’s multi-family residential portfolio have geothermal energy production.
  • A modern property building

    Taking social responsibility through partnerships

    Slättö takes responsibility for its communities through partnerships. One example is our collaboration with HerHouse, which secures safe homes for victims of domestic violence. Another example is our cooperation with the municipality of Örebro, allowing us to allocate some of our homes to Ukrainian refugee families.

    • 6% of Slättö’s fully-owned residential assets allocated to social contracts in 2022.
  • Housing with subsidised rent

    Though the Swedish rental market is regulated, some groups in society are not able to afford the rentals available. This is why Slättö has taken an active role in the negotiation of subsidised rent, which is about 30% lower than normal rent in larger cities.

    • 8 multifamily homes with subsidised rent.


Slättö has partnerships with a number of organisations that contribute to solving societal challenges. Here you can read more about our partners:

  • Childhood foundation logo

    The Childhood Foundation

    Slättö is a proud supporter of the World Childhood Foundation’s efforts to protect children from violence and sexual abuse. We have partnered with Childhood to create a specialised training course for our property managers, reinforcing our commitment to providing a safe living environment for children and young people in our properties.

    Read more

  • Her House logo


    HerHouse Foundation is renowned for advancing women’s health and well-being through diverse social initiatives. In 2021, Slättö joined forces with them to secure homes for vulnerable women, enabling them to rebuild their lives after escaping abusive relationships.

    Read more

  • Idrott utan gränser

    Idrott utan gränser

    With a strong commitment to community engagement, Slättö has established a longstanding tradition of supporting local sports associations in their efforts to provide inclusive and accessible activities for children and young individuals.

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  • HS30 logo


    As a member of Sustainable Stockholm 2030 (HS30), Slättö collaborates with housing developers in Greater Stockholm to foster ecological responsibility and enhanced social sustainability within the industry. An emphasis is placed on knowledge sharing, as well as on practical work to provide operational experience.

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  • Bling logo


    Slättö is one of the sponsors of BLING, an initiative that aims to address entrepreneurial segregation and drive positive societal transformation through inclusive entrepreneurship and innovation. BLING offers free business and innovation advice, seminars, and IT support workshops to those who lack these resources, but want to develop their business ideas.

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  • Baba Gurston

    Baba Gurston Inclusive School

    Together with local stakeholders, Slättö has developed the Baba Gurston Inclusive School in the Kenyan village of Chabera. Since 2021, it has provided education to 380 children aged 6-12, a transformative opportunity for vulnerable groups including impoverished children, disabled individuals facing discrimination, and orphaned youngsters.

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We are also a signatory to the following initiatives:

  • PRI

    The Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) is an international initiative that encourages investors to use responsible investment to enhance returns and better manage risks. By committing to the PRI, investors pledge to promote sustainable investment practices and align their investments with broader societal goals.

    Read more

  • UGNC logo


    The United Nations Global Compact is a voluntary initiative that encourages businesses and organisations to adopt sustainable and socially responsible practices. It promotes human rights, labour rights, environmental stewardship, and anti-corruption principles, aiming to create a global network committed to advancing sustainable development goals.

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Industry bodies Slättö is a member of:

  • Fastighetsägarna

    Fastighetsägarna, the Swedish Property Federation, is an industry organisation promoting an efficient and sustainable real estate market in Sweden. Almost 20,000 property owners are members, representing the entire spectrum of the property industry.

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    INREV is the European Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles. INREV’s goal is to improve transparency, professionalism and best practices across the sector, making the asset class more accessible and attractive to investors.

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